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FVCHS Venom Denim


Venom is the elixir of life.  If you “google” venom, you’ll find that in ancient times people of nobility would ingest venom in small amounts in order to build up their immunity.

In the teachings of Kundalini, the serpent is the energy coiled at the base of our spine that when raised gives an undeniable power and energy.  A woman who has no venom has no power.  So I’m honoring that power through my new line of denim appropriately called FVCHS Venom.

FVCHS Venom Denim is coming this Spring 2013.


4 Comments on “FVCHS Venom Denim

  1.  by  Annamay

    Lana you a true women and i love everything about you. I live my life by the same morals Keep breaking down walls and show the world what a REAL women with heart looks like. OOO cant wait to buy the whole line of jeans you have amazing taste Gett it Gurl!!! xoxo

  2.  by  Mariah Smith

    This denim is going to be toooo dope, I cant wait. I need to rock this right now. I ain’t even gotta look at it.

  3.  by  rachel

    hi lana i just want to say that i love sin city rules..i only watch it because i love the way you are, out spoken person and you dont care what anybody thinks about you.

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