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The season finale titled “Smoke and Mirrors” of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was filled with drama, conflict, and emotion after Stevie J (an American musician, singer, record producer and songwriter) wore the B-M.A.F.I.A. “I Am God” t-shirt during a therapy session with Mimi Faust, the mother of his child, and Joseline Hernandez, his mistress.

The “I AM GOD” t-shirt is from the Billionaire Mafia clothing line designed by industry powerhouse, Lana Fuchs.

The t-shirt’s bold statement, “I AM GOD” raised some eyebrows and buzz because many people may not understand the meaning behind the provocative statement. Lana Fuchs, Creator and Fashion Designer of the Billionaire Mafia empire and clothing line, explains, “We’re all God. We’re all part of the same body and we all have the powers of God.  Some of us have more God light than others.”

Stevie J wearing Billionaire Mafia

Stevie J. in arrives to therapy in Billionaire Mafia’s I AM GOD t-shirt from on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop”

Stevie J

Stevie J. in Billionaire Mafia’s I AM GOD t-shirt during therapy on VHI’s “Love and Hip Hop”












Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Watch the episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta here with Stevie J wearing a Billionaire Mafia TShirt:




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Billionaire Mafia

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3 Comments on “I AM GOD

  1.  by  Susan Martin

    I never cease to be amazed at the egos and vanity which is pandemic in the world of “Entertainment”…To wear a shirt saying ‘I AM GOD” is just laughable….not only are you NOT God…you are barely human.

  2.  by  roni

    So here’s the deal…I have had the “honor” of meeting Lana Fuchs and I must say, she is a handful. However, To have a woman demonstrate so much power and presence is fascination, it should be for ALL of us. Although you may or may not like her or who and what she represents, the fact still remains is that she is definitively…her own woman, her own GODdess and we can only see what she allows us. Don’t believe for a moment there is not a generous, soft side of Lana Fuchs. More importantly, Don’t hate the “PLAYER”, hate the “GAME”. If you have no elevated your OWN being, don’t be mad at her. Im just sayin. Respect.

  3.  by  Chris Hayden

    - the word god means good in english.

    – when you walk down the street at 3 in the morning and you are thirsty and you find a can of coca cola you take it and drink it. you think: thank good! one for the homies. I needed that.

    – when you walk down the street at 3 in the morning and you are find a necklace from a female you take it and wear it. you think: thank the goodest! (godess) it is beautiful.

    – when Morgan Freeman says i am god it is similar to saying i am good hence i am not evil.

    – when I say i am god it could mean that I am happy in life right now, I don’t need anything… no thank-you, I am good…

    – when I say i am god that means you are not me.

    – when i say i am god that means: I am them, they are us, and we are i am. i am us we are god.

    – good is god, and if I don’t think it is good then it’s not, because I say so.

    To sum it all up for ya folks: the word GOD = Good.
    AND good is whatever your personal preference is plus other peoples preferences as long as you think other peoples preferences matter…

    If you are talking about the mystical spirit written in the bible… sorry his name is not god.
    I won’t even pronounce it.

    Jesus said only god is good. (your father in your mind or heaven)

    what he meant , what we are trying to say is good = good. if you think strawberry icecream is good… it is.

    If I think strawberry icecream is no good. it is… i am god. means i know this.

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