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Billionaire M.A.F.I.A.Billionaire M.A.F.I.A.

Party of the Year

To celebrate the birthday of Lana Fuchs, a powerhouse in the entertainment and lifestyle industry, family, friends and VIP guests including “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Tasha Robinson-White, gathered at the Romanov Restaurant and Lounge in Hollywood for a red-carpet and gold studded extravaganza for the “Biggest Party of the Year”. Sultry snake dancers and acrobats danced with fire on the dance floor and in the air.

The most beautiful part of the event is when Lana’s children and husband took the stage to talk about what makes their mom such a role model and inspiration before gracing her with a bouquet of dozens of red roses.

Lana asked for donations to be made to Mafia Worldwide, her non-for-profit organization which helps underprivileged youths, in lieu of birthday presents. It’s not too late to send a gift…

And where was the famous monkey…well Mikey sent his best wishes.

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