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Billionaire M.A.F.I.A.Billionaire M.A.F.I.A.

Billionaire Mafia Is A Luxury Lifestyle

Brand with Fashionable Apparel and Jewelry

Las Vegas – Billionaire Mafia offers consumers the latest trends in fashion with their luxury lifestyle brand, owned and operated in Las Vegas.

Combining only the finest materials, Billionaire Mafia redefines couture by producing highly exclusive luxury goods. The brand consists of a fierce, high-end collection of handmade apparel, infused with hip-hop and a rock and roll edge. Billionaire Mafia features a signature style called the Bumsuit™—their trademarked warm-up suits. The collection includes apparel in both men and women’s sizes; men’s clothing includes t-shirts and hoodies, and women’s wear includes tops, jackets, dresses, swimsuits, lingerie and more. Billionaire Mafia offers accessories ranging from trucker hats and jewelry to complete any ensemble. Unlike most other design companies, Billionaire Mafia maintains their own house team that creates the clothing by hand, making the collection one-of-a-kind.

Celebrities seen enjoying Billionaire Mafia gear include: illusionist Criss Angel; Giselle Diaz; country singer/songwriter Sarah Buxton, singer Lady Antebellum; actress Stacy Keibler; model/actress Kaley Cuoco; actor Jason Alexander; MMA fighter Kimbo Slice; rapper Cassidy; Grammy award-winning music group Rascal Flatts; entertainer George Wallace; and the infamous Ron Jeremy who has often been seen sporting the line at various Hollywood red carpet events.

“Billionaire Mafia is committed to being a lifestyle driven, global brand that stands out in the fashion industry,” said Lana Fuchs, CEO/Designer of Billionaire Mafia. “In a city full of movers and shakers that possess status, ambition and recognition, Billionaire Mafia provides the latest trends. We hope that those who wear it will exude the Billionaire Mafia philosophy of working and playing hard.

About Billionaire Mafia
Born from a revolutionary vision to create the world’s first luxury lifestyle brand with a powerful message behind it, Billionaire Mafia encourages today’s generation to participate in its own survival and take responsibility for every choice made, word spoken and action taken. Billionaire Mafia is much more than just a lifestyle; it is a positive and confident frame of mind. The Billionaire Mafia Family works hard and plays hard and chooses to enjoy life to the fullest. They take pride in their appearance, the environment and the society as a whole.

Fiercely independent, Billionaire Mafia produces quality second to none. The Billionaire Mafia Brand clothing, accessories and jewelry will assure representation of the highest regard and as a result, always standing out in a crowd. Whether wearing The Brand proudly, partying at one of the star-studded red carpet events or simply acknowledging the many celebrities who are now proud members of The Billionaire Mafia Family, it means choosing to be part of a motivated lifestyle that’s hip, chic and cutting edge. For additional information visit

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